slalomThough a private club, we are still part of the local community. Not only do we promote our sport within the club, we have helped many people young and not so young from Calderdale and the region to enjoy their first taste of the Sport.

We have held an Annual Open Day Event where anyone has been able to enjoy the facilities of our club, for many years. Profits from these days have been donated to many local charities including the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and St Leonards Hospice in York. Through the local authorities and our own member’s time, White Rose has operated training courses for children of school age from Calderdale Schools in the holidays.


The club has an ongoing commitment to Health and Safety and copies of the current Policy are available to all members.

If you would like more information regarding the club or are interested in becoming a member please contact us.

About our Membership

Membership is limited by numbers. Suitability of applicants is determined by the committee. All applicants must agree to uphold the constitution of the club, and to obey its rules and by laws.

Club members must be members of the BWSF and all boat drivers must hold the SBDA qualification.

All members boats must meet exacting environmental specifications relating to noise and water pollution.

Third party insurance for skiers is compulsory.